At just 5 years old, on average a child has experienced 2000 falls...

                                                                                                        200 of which are considered serious.

Dr. Alter adjusts a 6 week old girl.

Our tables and techniques adapt to your changing body.  Most women love to be able to rest on their stomachs again!

Dr. Alter uses the Insight thermal scanner to detect and monitor irritations in your baby's nervous system.

Gentle, safe and AMAZING!

We are dedicated to providing a strong start for newborns.

The first visit consists of a comprehensive chiropractic, pediatric examination including an autonomic neuro-scan. We want to get them off to a great start so for any newborn under 6 weeks old this initial exam is offered absolutely FREE!


Why Adjust a Newborn?

Birth is a hectic time for everone and many parents don't realize that the force applied to the infant cervical spine (neck) during delivery is on average 90-120 lbs! Yes, this includes C-section deliveries.

A common complaint we see in infants with neck issues is that they tend not to nurse equally well or at all on one or both sides.  Does your baby have this issue?

There is a growing body of research indicating that nerve irritation in the upper cervical spine may be related to SIDS.

Our patients very often observe dramatic results utilizing chiropractic care. Parents often report that their children experience:

  • less colds and illness generally
  • have less or no ear infections
  • reduced colic
  • better and more regular bowel movements
  • improved nursing
  • better sleep and in general are more content.
  • How much is it worth to have a more content baby, child or teen!

The Insight Advantage (Thermal Scanning)

Our new born exams are non-invasive and fun! They are also thorough.

One of the greatest advantages we provide our patients, especially those that can not yet speak for themselves, is state of the art thermal scanning. This amazing device allows us to measure and monitor irritation to the master system that controls and coordinates every function in your childs' body. In addition to orthopedic and neurologic examination our chiropractic assessment, gentle techniques and amazing results generate a lot of excitement in parents, grandparents and kids!



Caring for mother and baby. (Part 2)

Chiropractic obstetrics is gentle, safe and focused on maintaining and enhancing the neuromusculoskeletal (nerve, muscle and bone) integrity of the body during pregnancy.  Our patients often report a more comfortable pregnancy with less complications during delivery and a lower incidence of back labor.

After six months (24 weeks) gestation it becomes much more common that low back and pelvic pain develop. There is no need to suffer as this is usually easy to manage. The earlier care is started typically the more smooth the experience goes.


Caring for mother and baby. (Part 1)

 The mother's body provides all the necessary nutrition and building blocks required by the baby to grow strong.  The baby will take those nutrients from the food mom eats or from her body directly.  Many mom's choose to take advantage of our affordable, customized, whole food and organic prenatal supplement programs. We also have very effective programs to even help prevent stretch marks!!! Coming soon to the Health Kit section. (or request it now by clicking right here!)

A healthy child starts before they are created.

In one way or the other it takes two. While male potency can be a factor, the most common issue we face is the reproductive environment of the mother to be. If there is not a strong before ovulation (pre-ovulatory) and after ovulation (post-ovulatory) part of the cycle it may compromise the ability to become and maintain pregnancy. 

Our approach to fertility issues is consistent with our overall philosophy which is to detect and correct interference in a system so that it can function as it is intended to function. To do this we:

  • Test the entire fertility cycle including the coordinating nervous system and hormones to evaluate the strengths and weakness.   To learn more about the hormone testing procedure click here.
  • Using nutraceutical products and when necessary, bio-identical hormones (not man made or animal derivative hormones) we work with your body to gently balance the hormones and strengthen fertility.


Traditional fertility treatments vary in cost ranging on average $5000 to $20000. It is not uncommon for the average couple to spend $9000 to $14000 attempting to become pregnant. Our programs are very affordable and if needed, payment plans are available through the care credit program. Costs to improve fertility (and general health) start as low as a few hundred dollars but for more complex issues this amount may be more. You will always get an up front cost analysis at your report of findings consultation. You are never obligated to participate any program that has been customized for you and you will be provided with lab results and program recommendations.                                       

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“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."

                                   --- Author Unknown

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How do you grow a healthy family?

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In addition to trauma, the stress of physically growing, constant new mental and social challenges
and exposure to poor nutritional choices can create disturbances in the nervous system.

Finding and correcting irritations in the system that controls and coordinates every function in the
body is a huge advantage in addressing conditions that appear and preventing related health issues. 
Our non-invasive scanning technology is a safe and effective way to detect and monitor nerve health. 

Chiropractic is uniquely qualified to gently, and specifically correct nerve interference. 

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